19 June 2012

Tuesday's Tales - City

Another Tuesday, which means it's time for Tuesday Tales again.  This week's prompt is 'City'. We can name a city or simply set our snippet in a city So, tongue in cheek, and offering a piece from my current untitled Regency WIP I am using a battle scene from Salamanca July23rd 1812 as my 'city'.

Salamanca – July 22nd  1812
...Why hadn’t he insisted Honor join the other women when Wellington sent them and the baggage far to the rear of the lines? Marmont was already moving his men in an attempt to outflank them. It wouldn’t work of course, couldn’t work; simply because in doing so he’d overextend his men, leaving them open to attack from Wellington’s different divisions. No way would their commander sit back and watch that happen without going into action. And Honor would be right there in the middle of it all without his presence or protection.

Knowing his wife would be on the watch for him, Dev slipped through the back of the tent and sought out his friend, Phillipe. They’d been together through many conflicts, long before he’d married Honor, and now he needed Phillipe’s word to see his wife safely away from Salamanca today.


For Dev had a premonition. One he hadn’t shared with his wife during the previous night.

Instead, he’d diverted her with, among other things, plans for their imminent return to England. This morning he’d written to his truest friend, Lord Vidal, asking him to watch out for and protect Honor when she reached home shores.

In the mean time he needed to know Honor would not become one of today’s battle victims, for to do his job properly he was charged with the task of discovering the intended movements of the enemy positions. They already knew numbers in the French divisions equalled, if not surpassed those of their own combined divisions. It was Marmont’s intentions that Wellington wanted clarification on.

Phillipe, in his position as Dev’s batman, and a local man, often passed information Dev gave him back to his team of guerrillas. Now, regardless of the outcome of his mission today, Dev needed the man to use his connections to keep Honor safe and spirit her away. He had to somehow arrange to send her on her way back home to London. Not an easy journey under any circumstances and with the combination of Napoleon and Joseph Boneparts’ armies plus rogue or deserting soldiers filling the roads or trying to escape across hill tracks it would be fraught with even more danger.

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Jean said...

How exciting! Love the idea of battle and Honor making this perilous journey. Dev is a great husband to be so protective. In this brief sketch, you've pulled me in, Sherry. I already care about the characters and am looking forward to reading more. HOpe this story continues.

Carolyn Gibbs said...

Hope Honor makes it home safely. Would like to see how this turns out.

Sherry Gloag said...

:-) Thanks Jean, hopefully all my struggles with this wip are worth it then.

Sherry Gloag said...

Thanks for your comment, Carolyn. :-)

Karen said...

I hope Honor makes it home safety. I hope you continue with this story. I really love the theme.

Lindsay said...

Exciting and tension filled

Iris B said...

Loved it!

Have you ever heard of the Salamanca Markets in Tasmania?

Sherry Gloag said...

Thanks for reading through all of them Iris, and no I haven't heard of that market. It sounds fun.

Davee said...

I can sense the tension in Dev's thoughts and his worry for his wife. Great TT. :)

Sherry Gloag said...

:-) Thanks for coming by Davee, and welcome to TT.